Chef James Montejano

Fresh Origins‘ products compliment every dish.  They are always creating cutting-edge items that help chefs reach their culinary dreams.”

-Chef James Montejano

Photos by Kelly Sasuga

Picatta Style Abalone, Citrus Capers, Brown Butter sauce with Micro Mustard Dijon™ and LittleVeggies™ Radish

Short Rib Ramen with Shitaki Mushrooms and Micro Chamomile

Chilean Sea Bass, Asian consume, Floating veggies with Garlic Flowers

Spiced Lollipop Lamb Chops with Petite Asian Mix

Red Kaiware Shoots , Micro Shungiku

Little Veggies™ Carrot, Turnip and Micro Finés Herbés Mix™

Harpoon Swordfish, Herb Gnocchi, Spring Pea Puree

Micro Chives & Little Veggies™

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