Edible Flowers

We grow 60 varieties of Edible Flowers!

Sweet  and flavorful, edible flowers are surging in popularity among today’s top restaurants and bakeries.  Edible flowers are ideal for enhancing the visual appeal of an entrée or dessert without compromising the integrity of the flavor.  Edible flowers are not only beautiful to look at, they can add an interesting range of tastes as well!

In addition to our fresh edible flowers, we have Crystallized Flowers.

Fresh Origins grows a huge selection of edible flowers. We have just a few examples below:


  • Truly an eye-catcher! Colorful and striking flame-like blossoms.
  • Having a flavor that is similar corn silk.
  • A bold and beautiful accent for any dish; make creative presentations for entrees, salads, desserts and cocktails!




  • Stunning flowers that resemble coral!
  • Great alternative to regular orchids.
  • Add to any entree, especially desserts and cocktails to create an absolutely breathtaking visual appeal.
  • Extremely durable, great self life.

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MicroFlower™ Blend

  • Vibrant, colorful combination of charming micro flowers!
  • Wide variety of sweet, savory and tangy flavors.
  • Bring any dish to life with these tiny brightly colored flowers, beautiful on desserts, salads, cocktails and appetizers.
  • All you need is just one of these tiny flowers to create a unique focal point.

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MicroFlower™ Micro Orchid

  • Exotic! Beautiful, brightly colored tiny orchids.
  • Fresh flavors of cucumber and watermelon.
  • Perfect for enhancing the look and taste of desserts, fruit dishes, and salads.

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Buzz Button™

  • Stimulate your taste buds with this exciting burst of energy!
  • Yellow and sometimes maroon, cone shaped “buds” produce an electrifying effect on the palette.
  • Add some zesty tingle by infusing into sauces, dressings, syrups or any liquid including cocktails.

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Herb Flowers

  • Beautiful mix of several herb flowers, such as Basil blossoms, Chive flowers, Lavender flowers, Savory blossoms, Mint blossoms, Rosemary flowers, etc.
  • Extremely flavorful and aromatic.
  • Amazing with meat dishes, desserts and cocktails!


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For Food Manufacturing, Commercial Baking, Cosmetics, etc: Fresh Origins has the capability to produce and supply on a large scale. Please contact us to discuss.

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