Micro Greens for Plate Presentation

Micro greens and Edible Flowers, such as FireStix™ are quickly becoming a popular ingredient choice for chefs.

Micro greens add an exciting new dimension to any dish, with a unique combination of color and flavor. Micro greens can be paired with everything from entrees, to appetizers, salads, soups, and desserts. They can replace the usual standby like parsley or other herbs to add that special touch to a plate. You can be sure that micro greens are an ingredient that won’t be ignored.

All too often, the garnish on a plate looks like an afterthought. It usually has little or no relevance to the dish being served. The diner moves it off to the side or someplace out of the way and it ends up being pretty much a waste of money.

But as good chefs know, everything on a plate should contribute to the flavor or concept by making sure all components  fit with and enhances the dish. An unrelated garnish just thrown in will probably not be effective.  Not just a garnish; Microgreens are an ingredient to add visual dimension and flavor.

Today’s chefs think about the flavor, color, texture, and appearance of each component they use, and that is the reason why micro greens are the perfect choice.  They add a “fresh from the farm” feel to the plate.

Because they come in so many colors and flavors, micro greens are an ingredient that can really tie a meal together, instead of simply acting as an add on. They give the chef an array of possibilities to choose from.

Micro chives, micro arugula, micro beet greens and micro cilantro are just some examples of the broad spectrum of micro greens that can add color and complement the flavor and texture of a meal. There is micro red amaranth, with an arresting red purple color. Micro flower firestix, a tiny edible amaranth flower that has a deep red blossom, is another item. They are usually one-half to one-inch long, with a flavor similar to corn silk.

There is micro arugula, which is more tender than mature arugula. Micro lemon basil has a more citrus flavor than regular Italian basil. Micro opal basil has a rich burgundy and green hue with a delicate basil and clove flavor. Bull’s blood is also a deep purple and red color with an earthy beet flavor. Celery micro greens have the clean fresh taste of mature celery but without the tough fibers. And then there are the Micro Ruby Radish and the Micro Daikon, which offer a powerful radish taste. Another micro green that makes for an interesting item is Micro Kale Red Russian, which has green leaves on purple stalks. And micro Mizuna is a Japanese micro green with a hint of mustard in its taste.

If you would like to feature Fresh Origins Microgreens in your restaurant, please contact your specialty produce distributor.

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