“I love the Herb Crystals ® not only for their vibrant flavor but also for the unique texture they impart to my desserts.”

– Pastry Chef Johnny Iuzzini


Herb Crystals®, Flower Crystals®, and Fruit Crystals® are an innovative original concept from Fresh Origins!  With dazzling, all-natural colors, an exciting crunch and incredible flavors of fresh herbs, flowers and fruits, these are spectacular new flavor ingredients.  The pure color and flavor comes only from the fresh whole herbs, flowers, and fruits with no added flavors or coloring! All are Kosher Certified. We start by growing the most flavorful fresh herbs, and edible flowers.  These are carefully hand harvested at the peak of flavor and color content, then combined with pure cane sugar to create these beautiful and flavorful crystals.  These taste amazing and will add an enticing and distinctive finishing touch to any culinary creation from desserts to savory dishes and even beverages.  They are shelf stable and are best used before 6 months. They can be frozen for longer shelf-life. Very versatile and easy to use.  Sprinkle on some magic!

For Mixology:  These crispy granules with their concentrated flavors can be dissolved in any cocktail for a touch of garden fresh taste.  They can even be used alone as a kind of instant, all natural “cocktail mixer”: Just mix Crystals with components such as water and vodka to create an amazing drink!   Another application is to toss the Crystals into a poured cocktail for the ultimate finishing touch with a sparkling dazzle of color and flavor at the bottom of the glass adding dimension and texture to be savored in the last sip!  Of course these flavorful Crystals can be used to brighten up salads, pair well as ingredients for savory dishes, soups, add crunchy flavor to fruit, pastries and other desserts such as sorbet, yogurt and chocolates.  No added colors, flavors or preservatives. For Sweetening Tea: These colorful, flavorful Crystals dissolve readily in tea. Sweeten tea in a distinctive and delicious new way.

Herb Crystals® Basil

Basil is the first Herb Crystals® flavor we created. The crispy, crunchy texture and delicious sweet Basil flavor combines beautifully with a multitude of foods. We grow and harvest the highest potency, most flavorful fresh Basil leaves which are combined with sugar to lock in that just-picked Basil flavor and fantastic green color. These spectacular flavor crystals have an amazing texture with a concentrated fresh Basil taste than cannot be duplicated. Try them on everything from desserts, fresh fruit, salads, savory dishes and beverages. They pair wonderfully with tomatoes, cheese & pastas.

Herb Crystals® Cilantro

These vibrant green, crystals boast a sweet fresh cilantro flavor. Sprinkle on salsa, gazpacho, ceviche & guacamole. Tasty & colorful topping for shrimp, lobster, & crab. Get creative & add in a tequila based cocktail or top lime sorbet & key lime pie. Innovative finishing touch to shredded pork or mahi tacos. Add to virtually any Latin or Asian dish for a unique flavor addition. Creative addition to whipped cream on top of Mexican hot chocolate.

Herb Crystals® Ginger

Made with real ginger and cane sugar, experience ginger in a new way! With zesty flavor and crunchy texture, this Crystal is perfect for any dish in need of a zing! Add to salads, fresh fruit, seafood, stir-fry, chocolate, ice cream and even cocktails! Works great as a tea sweetener to add a touch of sweetness and a light warming spice flavor.

Herb Crystals® Habanero

A blast of sweet heat! Zesty and crunchy with just the right amount of heat and sweetness. This all natural flavor Crystal has an authentic fresh pepper flavor-kick that will add excitement to any food from sweet to savory including salads, meats, seafood, pastry, fresh fruit, gelato, chocolate, etc. Habanero Crystals add extra flare to your dish that will turn things up an extra notch.

Herb Crystals® Mint

This is a new and exciting form of Mint. These bright green crystals are bursting with minty freshness and have a fantastic crunch. Use these in place of that tired sprig of mint on any kind of a dessert plate. Add to fresh berries or chocolate mousse, add some flair to cheesecake, sprinkle on ice cream. Add texture to sorbets. Put inside chocolate ganache truffles. Toss into a cocktail for a dazzling green color at the bottom of the glass that will be anticipated, then savored in the last sip. Exciting topping for donuts & other pastries.

Flower Crystals® Fennel

These golden-yellow crystals provide a concentrated blast of sweet anise flavor that is truly delicious! This beautiful new ingredient pairs fabulously with seafood like seared scallops or salmon. Brighten up a salad with great texture and flavor. Sprinkle on desserts to add color, crunch and an extra layer of flavor in a completely new way. Unique & crunchy topping for ceviche. This special Fennel Sugar®  is our most flavorful crystal of all.

See Recipe

Flower Crystals® Hibiscus 

Brilliant, rich burgundy color. Wonderful sweet & sour flavor. A perfect combination of sweetness & citrus taste, these crystals are an ideal flavor accent in so many dishes. Add a tangy spark to desserts; innovative topping for lemon sorbet, soufflets, and chocolate ganache. Since Hibiscus is a popular ingredient in new, creative cocktails, Hibiscus Crystals are a natural addition to drinks. Toss in Hibiscus tea! The tart, lemony flavor pairs perfectly with seafood; sprinkle on smoked salmon hor d’oeuvres, specialty ceviches, & even raw oysters.

Flower Crystals® Rose

Stunning, ruby-pink crystals made from Rose Petals and sugar! No added coloring, just the natural color from our own edible Roses. With a delightful taste and the sensual aroma of fresh Roses, combined with a great crunchy texture, these vibrant flavor crystals are a sensational addition to any dish. Use in all kinds of desserts; fantastic with chocolate, top mini-cupcakes, canapés, sorbet, crème brulee and so much more. Add a fresh floral note to fruit salads, and mixed green salads.  Add color to chocolate dipped strawberries. Use in place of rose syrup in cocktails.

Fruit Crystals® Pumpkin Spice 

Made with pumpkin & holiday spices, this crystal tastes & smells just like Pumpkin Pie! It’s pretty light brown color is perfect for Fall dishes. Perfect topping for pumpkin cheesecakes & pies, pumpkin lattes, squash soup, caramel apple cupcakes, & apple doughnuts. Add to pumpkin mousse, apple-ginger pumpkin smoothie, pecan peanut butter brittle, chocolate cookies, vanilla ice cream. Great addition to roasted butternut squash puree, pear tarts, squash lasagna & ravioli. Top bread pudding & carrot cake. Only available Oct though Dec

Recipe: Mini Pumpkin Cheesecakes with Graham Cracker Crust with Fruit Crystals® Pumpkin Spice

Fruit Crystals® Cranberry

Sweet & tart fruity flavor. Great for Fall & Winter menus complimenting Holiday dishes both sweet & savory. Top cranberry pancakes, cran-apple crisp, cupcakes,cranberry sauce, & stuffing. Serve with roasted pork, turkey & sauteed seafood. Pair with pumpkin-cranberry muffins. Add to mixed green or fruit salads. Top soft cheeses & smoothies. Combine with citrus & bake in cookies, cakes & breads. Sprinkle on lemon sorbet or toss in a cranberry cocktail. Although ideal for Holiday meals, it is available year round.

As we have considerable time and resources invested in creating these original products, these items are trademarked internationally and are patent pending.

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