Fresh Origins has made a major commitment to food safety. This is a discipline that we have instilled in each member of our team, we’ve made significant investments in this, and all of our activities are done with food safety compliance as a priority.

While many small local farms hide behind loopholes in food safety rules that make them exempt, we are a small family farm that chooses to follow and exceed the requirements.  We do not believe that food safety should be based on farm size.  That would be like saying some restaurants shouldn’t have to follow Health Department rules just because they are small.   

We are third-party certified for food safety in each of the three main areas of our food handling: Greenhouse Production, Harvest Crew, and Packing House operations to the highest level: Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

In addition, Fresh Origins is a Certified Member of the California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement (LGMA). As a member, we are subject to mandatory random field audits by USDA State and Federally authorized licensed inspectors. LGMA audits our farm several times each year. LGMA standards are the most rigorous in the farming business. LGMA incorporates science based food safety practices developed by growers, university scientists, government and private food safety experts. 

We are dedicated to doing our part to protect public health and are working hard every day to provide products that are safe, wholesome, delicious and beautiful.