Introducing Fresh Origins’ Mini Herb Crystals®, Mini Flower Crystals® & Mini Fruit Crystals®.

These are the next generation of glass rimmers!  The delicate crispy, crunchiness, and unique all natural flavors are derived from whole fresh herbs and edible flowers combined with cane sugar.  With a finer granule size than our regular Crystals, our Mini Crystals® are perfect for creating distinctive upscale cocktails.

Tis’ the season! Make any cocktail a holiday centric creation with Mini Pumpkin Spice Crystals! Made with real pumpkin and spices, this Mini Crystal tastes and smells just like pumpkin pie! Its beautiful roasted brown color, crunchy texture and warm holiday notes add the perfect touch to elevate any cocktail! Available through the months of September and December.

More festive creations:

mini-page-imageThere are no added colors, flavors or preservatives.  Increase value and differentiate your cocktail program with these amazing rimmers. Pairings: Basil and cucumber, strawberry or Lemon. Fennel and tequila. Rose and Champagne. Cranberry Cosmo. Mint Mojito.  Here is the perfect ingredient to invigorate your favorite cocktail!

Available flavors are Basil, Cilantro, Mint, Ginger, Habanero, Fennel, Hibiscus, Rose, Cranberry and Pumpkin Spice.



  • Mini Mint Crystals are the perfect glass rimmer for signature mojitos.
  • Rim an exotic citrus cocktail with the bright yellow Mini Fennel Crystals.
  • Savory & Sweet Mini Basil Crystals pair well with strawberry & lemon drinks.
  • Vibrant pink Mini Rose Crystals are a romantic rimmer for champagne cocktails.
  • Use Mini Cilantro Crystals on the rim of a specialty margarita or other lime-based drinks.
  • Sweet & Sour Mini Hibiscus Crystals are a fantastic addition to tropical, rum-based cocktails.
  • The flavor of the herbs & flowers has been uniquely captured & locked into these granules.
  • This is the key to reinventing your favorite cocktail & really making it stand out!