• New ideas in Shoots
  • Longer shelf-life than regular Popcorn Shoots
  • We grow over 11 varieties of Shoots!

Edamame Shoots Gold™

  • Attractive yellow stems and bean-like tops.
  • A new form of the popular edamame appetizer.
  • Crunchy and tasty fresh bean flavor.
  • Uniquely beautiful with most any dish; lay a piece of seafood, use as a bed for chicken, or stuff into sandwiches or pita.

Haricot Shoots Gold™

  • Stunning gold leaves with white stems.
  • Tender and succulent, with a wonderfully fresh green bean flavor.
  • This French legume is a fantastic addition to most anything, especially savory entrees, premium salads, and sandwiches.
  • Enhance the fine dining experience with vibrant looks and great fresh flavor!

Kaiware Shoots Red™

  • Attractive long pink stems with darker leaf buds.
  • Refreshing, spicy radish taste!
  • Add to specialty sandwiches, and entrees to accentuate the look and flavor of the dish.
  • Pairs great with sushi, seafood  or poultry dishes.

Squash Shoots Gold

  • Vibrant gold colored leaves, with crunchy stems.
  • Mouthwatering fresh squash flavor.
  • Add excitement to all kinds of dishes, perfect for Spring, Summer, and Fall festivities! Float on soups, toss in salads and premium sandwiches.
  • Flavorful accent for meats and seafood. Contains vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium and iron and dietary fiber.

Golden Shoots Mix™

  • This fantastic mix is a combination of Mung Shoots Gold™, Pea Shoots Gold, Edamame Shoots Gold™, Haricot Shoots Gold™, Kaiware Shoots Gold™, Squash Shoot Gold, and Fava Shoots Gold™.
  • Vibrant yellow color creatively accents and highlights any dish. Crunchy, juicy and succulent pea, bean, and radish flavors.
  • Outstanding for meat entrees; beautiful bed for seafood. Stand straight up to add height to your plate; use its bright gold color to enhance the esthetics and flavor of premium salads and sandwiches!

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